Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Pastel City

In Prague, we met up with Rachel, Kyle, and Emily. We walked around the city some (walking was the theme for this trip), and tried some Absinthe! It was sort of gross. Liquorice is not my favourite flavour.

Or first full day, we spent some time exploring the city, and saw the second most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe (the Mona Lisa us the first)! It was called the astronomical clock, and was in the old town square. Every hour, death (a skeleton) pulls a bell, the sinners hide, and and the twelve disciples circle around with relics. Honestly, what is more exciting than watching the clock is watching people's faces when they realise that that's the whole show. Baffled disappointment on everyone's faces.

While in Prague, we went on a free city walking tour, and learned some history along with seeing the sights. History is much more interesting when you can see the places where things are happening. Being out in the fresh air didn't hurt either!

On the free tour, we heard about the history of Prague, the Czech president who steals pens, and who nobody wants to kill.

We learned about some religious wars that happened in the Czech Republic, and about definistration (throwing people out windows).

After the tour, we stopped by the John Lennon Wall, which was very cool. And colourful.

The next day we went to the KGB museum, which was a tiny little building where the curator was a crazy man who gave us a great tour and told us all about the USSR. He actually seemed pretty sad about it breaking up!

We also came across the most delicious market food at an Easter market. It is called trdelnik, and is a cross between monkey bread and a donut. There is nothing this good at fairs in the states, and I would really like to know why. This stuff is delicious.

After our explorations in Prague, we headed to Vienna on another train! Because trains are wonderful, wonderful things.

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