Monday, April 13, 2015

Magic Hour

Today I picked up my camera and went outside. I grabbed the dog (arguably not a great idea with a nice camera) and walked. I stopped and I took pictures and we ambled along the waterfront barefoot (also arguably not a good idea in a dog-friendly park) and it was wonderful. This year has been overwhelming in both good and not-at-all-even-a-little-bit good ways, and I have learned a lot about things like priorities and my non-negotiable need for sleep. I am (slowly) learning it is okay to let crusades go, and to let less important things slide to just make it through the day. Do I have fewer pictures of my time here in Philadelphia? Yes. Did giving myself permission to set down my camera for most of the last ten months make my ramble today much more enjoyable/freeing/relaxing? Absolutely.

Here's to longer days.