Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Katie and I started off our two week Easter holiday in Berlin, Germany! We made our super early flight on Sunday morning, and when we got to Berlin, we decided to explore on our way to the hostel. When we meandered our way to what we thought was the street our hostel was on, we realised that the numbers went up, and then the street ended. Turns out the numbers on streets in Germany are not always sequential. We eventually made it to the hostel, made friends with some of our hostel mates, and   then headed out to explore the city.

Our first full day in Germany, we headed to Potsdam, a small city outside of Berlin to explore the palaces there. It was really cold, but we had fun exploring the palace grounds, and seeing all the...boxes.

Most of the statues were all boxed up for the winter, but it gave us a chance to really appreciate the absurdity of the uncovered statues.

While exploring the grounds, we found a hidden grotto. Exploring the grotto was totally not trespassing, because there were no signs that told us not to go through the mostly drained fountain, past the spikes, in order to circumvent the locked gates that led directly into the grotto.

It was the brightest thing in the complex, how could re resist? Oh, and those fountains inside? Made of seashells. 

On the way back we rode a double decker train, ate some gelato and tried curryworst! The train was great, but the curryworst was overrated. Think hot dog with sauce.

The next day we went to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, saw pieces of the Berlin Wall, ate some frozen yogurt, and went to the Topography of Terror, and exhibit about WWII. We also went out with Marcus and Kelly, two people we met at our hostel.  

When we made it our the next morning, we explored the city some more, searched for the elusive Ritter Sport store, and found Rachel some Dr. Pepper!

The next day we took a train ride to PRAGUE!


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