Thursday, February 21, 2013

Out of Context

Because sometimes photographs are better without explanations. Thanks to Rachel for help with computer nonsense. 



  1. Dude. wat?
    That last one is some awesome street art! OH! By the way, you should keep your eye out for Space Invaders street art. They are by a super famous guy who is friends with Banksy. And of course look out for Banksy PLEASE!!

    1. There is so much awesome street art here! There is this GIANT rat thingy that takes up the entire side of a building, I will have to make it back over there and take a picture. And of course I will look out for Banksy, Katie is helping me with that. We will look for Space Invaders too!

  2. The "square one" street art should be our new blog background for ze other blog thing we never update. ooops!