Saturday, August 9, 2014

Shifting Beds

Hello again internet! Guess what! On Thursday, I moved for the LAST TIME. For a year anyway. I CANNOT ACCURATELY EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT THROUGH THIS MEDIUM, BUT REST ASSURED THAT I AM OVERJOYED. Last Sunday, one of my lovely and selfless friends with a car took me to IKEA so that I could get queen bedding (You read that right guys, I sleep on a twin bed no more!). The actual date that I was going to move was a little up in the air, so I decided to go ahead and wash my sheets. I am really glad that I did, because while I was at work on Thursday afternoon, I got a call saying that my new room was ready, oh and they moved the bed out of the room I had been using. So, once I made it back from the Phillies game, I went into crazy moving mood and moved all of my things. I am SO glad to finally feel settled, and this room is awesome. It has giant (frosted) windows, and an attached bathroom that I'm pretty confident is larger than the bedroom I shared with my sister for about twelve years. Now that I am done moving, I feel a whole lot less like I am in Limbo, and more like my year here has actually started (Which is good, because I have been here for four weeks already.). Everyone else gets here on Saturday, and I can't wait for them to move in!

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