Monday, July 21, 2014

So. Many. Stairs.

Hello again! Guess what guys...I moved! Which is awesome. Because now I only have to move one more time, and that move is within the same building and means I get first pick of rooms :)

So, what does this move mean? Well, the last move got me to Philadelphia, but I was living in sketch-land, and spent a lot of my free time in the cemetery. There was a kitten, but I am still so grateful to now live in a (super-duper) nice area.

I went from a tiny attic nun-closet with negative air conditioning to a giant room (there are two couches, an armchair and a real bed) with central air. I'm moving up in the world guys. Quite literally actually, as my last room was on the third floor and this one is on the fourth. Although I would not suggest moving all your stuff up 56 steps all by yourself. I made the mistake of carrying my giant duffel up all by myself, and I am now sporting some lovely bruises and scratches on my collarbone. My new friend James helped me carry up the rest of my stuff, which was much appreciated (It is amazing what you can get new friends with cars and a love of gelato to do for a milkshake).

This new place is also in the middle of everything. I am a ten minute walk from work, a five minute walk from the library, and a two minute walk from all my sister's favorite stores (come visit me, nudge nudge).

Oh, and did I mention that there are TWO CHIPOTLES WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE? No? WELL, THERE ARE. I may miss out on some of my absolute favorite Tex-Mex, but at least Chipotle will always be around to be my comfort food. :)

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