Thursday, May 2, 2013

Three Generations in London

Last weekend, my mother and grandmother came to visit! We had a blast exploring, eating lots and lots of food, and hanging out with family.

Wednesday they met up with Gill, and we explored for a little while. Thursday, we headed to Hyde park, saw some nesting swans, and wandered down Oxford street and through Selfridges.

Friday we headed to borough market, ate delicious paella, found some souvenirs, and tried goat's milk ice cream. The ice cream was pretty delicious, but a little weird. It was raspberry and chill flavoured, though you didn't taste the chill till it hit the back of your throat. After the market, we went to the Victoria and Albert museum and looked at costumes and jewellery. And a really fancy staircase.

Friday night I had a capoeira class, but we met up on Saturday to spend the afternoon with the rest of our family near London. There were some familiar faces from Veronica's birthday lunch in February, as well as some people I hadn't met before. We ate tons and tons of food, played some games (Giant Jenga!), and swapped stories.

Saturday night, we ended up eating a really delicious impromptu meal at Zoe's house, and she very nicely drove us all home. 

Sunday morning, we made it up for the Columbia Road Flower Market, which was packed but awesome. The weather stayed really nice (for London), and we had brunch at a pretty good Mexican place (they exist!).

Sunday afternoon, we went shopping! I am now the proud owner of two new sundresses. Thanks Mom! Then, on Monday, we went to the Tate Britain, and then my mother and I had tea, and went to see A Chorus Line. We ended up in the third row! The show was fantastic, and I am really glad we got a chance to see a West End show while my mother was here.

They headed home early on Tuesday morning, but I am glad they made it all the way over here to visit!


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