Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Invasion of Disney Princesses (sort of).

Disclaimer: We are really nothing like Disney princesses, except for the whole woodland creatures sitting on shoulders thing. 

We are really good at timing. Reeeaaallyyy good at timing. The week after Katie and I went to visit Rachel in Spain, they came to visit me in London! In our defence, the Murcia trip was already planned when we found out that Keston Cobblers Club was playing in London the next Sunday. So the next weekend it was!

Rachel got in on Thursday night, and Katie came in on Friday afternoon. Rachel got in and I made her a super-late (by normal people standards) dinner, and the next morning we headed out to explore the British Museum, and then we went on to Borough Market, where we met Katie. I told Rachel that she had to at least try some British food, but when I suggested some sort of a meat pie, and mentioned that I had had a really great chicken and mushroom one at the market a few weeks earlier, she assured me that it sounded gross. I insisted we get one anyway, and lo and behold, she loved it.

Pie and mash in hand, we went to the courtyard of the Southwark Cathedral to enjoy our food. We stopped by the reconstruction of the Globe Theater, and I introduced Rachel to delicious (lactose friendly!) goat's milk ice cream. After meeting up with Katie, we wandered over to see Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

We took it easy on Friday night, and Saturday morning we headed to Buckingham Palace and then to Hyde park to wander around for a bit and have a picnic lunch. We ended up with a little bit more than we bargained for, as we discovered the animals inhabiting Hyde park were veeeerrrry friendly. All is fun and games until Rachel's one-eyed attack pigeon decides to roost in somebody's hair.

We made friends with some pigeons, lots of geese and swans, and even a squirrel. It was a very Disney day. After unentangling ourselves from the critters, we headed to the Science museum, where we promptly lost track of Rachel. Fortunately we had anticipated this, and had a prearranged meeting point. Katie and I explored the alchemy exhibit, while Rachel made her own way through the museum. The museum was cool, but I am pretty museumed out at this point in the semester. There are some incredible museums here, but there are also a whole lot of them. The gift shop was really cool though. They had Doctor Who tea sets, and some spiffy futuristic lunchboxes, as well as ice cube trays for making ice cups.

Nicholas Flamel!

Saturday night was a lot of fun too. We went to Roadhouse, the same bar Emily, Rani, and I went to. It was a fun evening, but the best night was yet to come.

Sunday morning we pulled ourselves out of bed, and walked to the Columbia Road flower market, as the weekend tube closures created a blackout zone between where I live and anything west of me (read: anything worth going to). The walk wasn't bad, but the closures did make our transportation much more complicated. The flower market was beautiful and bustling as always, and we were able to explore some new shops around the area.

After the first market that day, we headed to the second market of the day and the third of the weekend, Camden Markets. We stopped for lunch in the Loch Market, where I had a delicious but eye wateringly spicy jerk chicken wrap, and Katie had a kangaroo burger. We then wandered the market, and picked up some matching shirts for tailgating purposes next year. After the market, we hightailed it back to my flat to grab dinner before heading to the concert.

Keston Cobbler's club did not dissapoint, and neither did the other two acts we saw that night, Rue Royale, and another act that I can't quite remember the name of...but it started with an S. Check out some of their stuff on YouTube, it's great! The venue was also pretty cool, it was a downstairs room under this teensy bar near King's Cross Station.

Rachel had to skip out early the next morning, but Katie and I managed to visit our squirrel friend one last time before she headed back to Bradford.

Thanks for visiting guys!


P.S. -- Thanks to Rachel and Katie for help with the photos!


  1. You forgot to mention that we attracted a hot Australian guy with our princess skills!

  2. Oh my gosh SQUIRRELS! I have a video of my friend Jamie and I being attacked by a mob of Austin squirrels in Downtown that I might post on your wall soon. What is a group of squirrels called? Wait! I'll look it up... apparently it is called a "dray" or a "scurry!" You lean something new everyday!