Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Upstairs Downstairs, Anyone?

Has anyone in America other than my family seen the BBC drama Upstairs Downstairs? Probably not. So you should go watch it now. It is a lot like Downton Abbey. So, pretty spiffy. (Side note: Spiffy is a wonderful word, so stop judging me Stephanie.) I ran across the house from the TV show on my way to Hyde Park the other day, and it was pretty exciting. In the show, the number is 165 Eaton Place, but in reality they just painted the one on every time they used the front of the house for filming, in attempts to give the residents some privacy. Which clearly worked really well. I think one of my favourite things about wandering around London is stumbling across random, awesome things. Sometime the things I find distract me so much that I don't make it to my original goal. 


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