Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is here! Possibly.

Yesterday was so nice, and since there were only "trace amounts" of rain forecast for today (You will never see just a sunny day on the forecast. There will always be at least "trace amounts" of rain.) I figured I should again spend as much time outside as possible. I had to stop by Victoria Coach Station today to figure out my tickets to Bradford this weekend, as their website wasn't working (apparently this was due to the fact that I used google to access the website). The Victoria coach station is only a little more than a mile from Hyde Park, and Hyde Park is only about a 15 minute walk to the Natural History Museum, so I decided to pack a lunch, feed some swans, and see some dinosaurs.

A sundress and sandals were perhaps a little bit optimistic for temps in the mid fifties, but I am sick of closed toed shoes, so I went for it anyway. And it was fine. Mostly. I was happy to stop by the Royal Geological Society to see the Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibit though, and also excited that the Natural History Museum wasn't too far away. Wind is a killer.


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